The Easthills premiere new song featuring Rick Richards of Georgia Satellites

The Easthills premiered their latest song “Here Without Me” via David Lindquist and the Indianapolis Star. The song features guitar work by Rick Richards of Georgia Satellites and Izzy Stradlin’s (Guns N’ Roses) solo projects. The Easthills have performed with the Georgia Satellites on several shows over the past few years and have befriended Rick, and the other members of the band.

Click HERE to hear the new song now.

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The Back Story on “Holiday Women”

As we said, we’re sharing some images & stories of the recording process in advance of the 3/1 release of our new album.

Last August our manager Andy picked up Frank Hannon at Klipsch Music Center when he was in town with Def Leppard as Tesla was on tour with them.

Originally we had asked Frank to put slide guitar on this tune Hank had written called “Holiday Women”. We had opened for Tesla in Indy and Frank was very complimentary of the band that night, so he remembered us. He obliged and showed up with guitar in hand to record. But then, he excitedly became even more involved in the song and by the end of the day had also laid down an acoustic intro, double guitar solo, backing vocals and the slide we had originally asked for.

And to top it all off he spent the end of the day showing Brad the secrets of playing the intro to Tesla’s “Love Song”. A truly selfless guy who chose to spend the day helping us, and our song, be the best it can be. And to that we will always be grateful to Frank for.

The song also features Neal Doughty of REO Speedwagon on piano……

In the fall of 2014 Hank and our manager Andy were talking about who they could get to play piano on the song. Since the song had a very Rolling Stones kind of vibe to it Andy suggested we reach out to Ian McLagan. We had played a show in 2013 with him and it only seemed natural, though lofty, to at least try. McLagan was a member of Small Faces, The Faces and toured with The Rolling Stones.

So, Andy called Ian and he quickly said yes. He told Andy to send him the tune when we had it ready. Sadly, Ian passed in late 2014 before the song was at a point to send on.

Back to square one.

Once the song did become ready Hank and Andy reconvened and Andy suggested we reach out to Neal of REO as we had done several shows with them and they were very kind to us each time. Plus Neal was born in Evansville so a fellow Hoosier at heart. Andy then emailed their manager who connected him with Neal. Within 24 hours Neal agreed to do it. And within a few weeks he bounced the song back to us with his parts plugged in. He recorded his parts in his home studio.

Neal stated in a recent interview with the Indianapolis Star about “Holiday Women” that he channeled his inner Nicky Hopkins for the tune. Ironically, Hopkins is best known as a former recording and touring piano and keyboard player with the Stones…..So, maybe Ian had a hand in the final product after all !!

Also, you can buy the single for “Holiday Women” now via iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, etc. or stream it now via The Easthills website.

Dave Lindquist from the Indianapolis Star also wrote a great story where he talked to both Frank and Neal. You can read that here: