New Shortform Video Released feat. “Safe Tonight”

The Easthills have released a new shortform video that features elements of their appearance on The Chick McGee Show podcast, Doug Gillard on guitar and scenes from the band’s personal recording studio and environment. Enjoy and happy summer y’all……

Click on the link below to view now:


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This is The Easthills TIP OF THE HAT blog. A place where the band salutes the bands they have been fortunate enough to open for, share the stage with or just want to try and force upon their own fans. 

This issue features THE DOORS. The Easthills will open for Robby Krieger of The Doors on August 6th, so we figured what better band to start with…….

Question to the band: What is your favorite Doors album? or Doors song?

Wade == The Soft Parade album | “The Soft Parade” song. I love this album and song, so pretentious and ridiculous and wonderful.

Banner == Morrison Hotel album | “Roadhouse Blues” song

Hank == “Peace Frog” song | This was the one and only cover song that my band in college did. The band was called Broken Season (it was the early 90′s). That was one of the best summers of my life.

Paul == Morrison Hotel album | “Peace Frog” song

Andy == The Best of The Doors album | “When The Music’s Over” song. I know that’s a hits album but it’s still so good and the one I grab to listen to still. Last winter when in L.A. I purposely drove up thru Laurel Canyon to the Country Store where Jim Morrison shopped and lived nearby on “Love Street”. I was surprised to find that it was still really cool and there was no tourist elements about it. But, the coffee was overpriced.

Brad == The Doors (self-titled first album) | The Doors rank between The Beatles and The Rolling Stones for me. I think they are the greatest American band of that era. Their debut album is a monster of classic hits. To me, they are one of those rare bands that with each album got better and more complex. The rhythm section ( John Densmore and Ray Manzarek’s left hand) were massive. The melodies that Robbie Krieger added along with Ray’s right hand are dark and haunting. Add obviously Jim Morrison, and watch out! One of the only bands that I’ve sat down and learned almost 90% of their catalog.

The Easthills appear on The Chick McGee Show Podcast


The Easthills recently welcomed The Chick McGee Show podcast to their home studios in rural Indiana. Listen in as the band plays new songs and old and talks turkey with Chick and Jess and the gang…..Enjoy, and Turn It Up.

Listen Now on Podcast One: