TIP OF THE HAT: Favorite Song by an Artist we’ve Opened for…..

300c9464e35392faee4f55540adc7513This is The Easthills TIP OF THE HAT blog. A place where the band salutes the bands they have been fortunate enough to open for, share the stage with or just want to try and force upon their own fans. 

Question to the band: What is your favorite song by a band or artist The Easthills have opened for?


Will == Soul Aslum | “Black Gold” | Listen & Watch


Great pop rock, great lyrics.
I know I heard it in the 90s when it first came out, but I didn’t truly appreciate how good it was until I found out we were opening for them

Hank == Cheap Trick | “Hello There” | Listen & Watch


This is my favorite show opener for a rock show. Not only did Cheap Trrick play it the night we opened for them but one of my other favorite bands, Guided By Voices, used to always open with it. It’s just perfect. That night with them was perfect. Their acceptance of us, bringing us out on stage with them, all of it was just crazy. That night solidified all of our efforts.

Brad == The Flaming Lips | “Are You a Hypnotist?” | Listen & Watch


I had been listening to The Soft Bulleton and was completely blown away by the sound these guys were getting. From start to finish it was a masterpiece. Then came  Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. An unbelievable album. The story. The songs. The sound. It was unlike anything before it and since. “Are You a Hypnotist?” is the high point on the album. Wayne’s voice is on the verge of breaking and he delivers an emotion that is unexplainable. Ill never forget standing front row and taking in that show. Its like being 8 years old at a birthday party with balloons, cake, party hats, costumes and clowns on a head full of lsd and amazing music in your face.

Paul == RATT | “Round and Round” | Listen & Watch


I still have the orignal 45 I bought at 3D department store when it first came out in 1984. One of my favorite riffs of all time.  I also love the Eddie Van Halen inspired rhythm guitar counter melody on the verses.  Bridge is brilliant.  Great one note harmony on top-“I knew right from the beginning…” I still love it today.

*The Easthills opened for Stephen Pearcy of RATT

Wade == The Faces | “Maybe I’m Amazed” | Listen & Watch


Like a lot of their best work, it sounds loose and unrehearsed, and brilliant.

*The Easthills opened for Ian McLagan of The Faces & Small Faces

Andy == REO Speedwagon | “Roll With The Changes” | Listen & Watch


This song always sounds good on the radio. The perfect blend of vocal, guitar and piano that sticks in your head. The sign of a hit is when you’re still singing it several hours later.


The Easthills roll out new video for “Snake In My Gut”

The Easthills were fortunate last fall to open for a band that we all admire, Cheap Trick. Our buddy Dan Starkey caught some of the magic that evening and put together this little time capsule of the night. It was pretty special. Not only did we get to serve as support, but the band was beyond complimentary of our set and had us join them on stage for “Dream Police” during their set. The video also contains some glimpses of the great Doug Gillard from when he graced us with his presence at the Safe House (Hank’s studio) and did some brilliant recording with us. Enjoy….and thanks Cheap Trick for showing us how it’s done!

You can view the video here:

The Easthills join Cheap Trick on stage for “Dream Police”

This past Sunday, November 22 The Easthills served as support for the legendary Cheap Trick at the ISU Hulman Center in Terre Haute, Indiana. The band was then asked to join the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees for a sing along of their classic song “Dream Police”. The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band members were also asked out and all three bands performed the song together. The Easthills want to publicly thank Cheap Trick for their kind words, true professionalism and the opportunity to not just share their stage, but to also join them on stage. Thanks Rick, Robin, Tom & Daxx. Rock on……..(photo by Larry Philpot)

"Dream Police" sing along in Terre Haute

“Dream Police” sing along in Terre Haute